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I'm a strategy lover and it's a real problem now

Hi everyone,
I have been learning about Forex for almost 2 years now.
But I have a real problem. I am a strategy lover. I hop from one strategy to another due to various reasons.
How it works: 1. I find a strategy 2. I fall in love with it 3. I learn about it, backtest it, demo trade it, etc. 4. I find something to nitpick 5. Leave the strategy and go back to point 1
In the past 2 years, I must have burned through over 20-30 strategies. I have gone through scalping, swing trading, full discretionary trading, full system based trading, half discretionary and half system based strategies, etc
I just can't seem to stick with a strategy after the honeymoon phase. Either I get tired of the strategy, or backtesting reveals it isnt profitable, or it too discretionary, or it is too system based, etc.
Once again, I left another strategy and am going back to point 1, finding a new strategy. I found a new strategy, which is the one posted by ParallaxFX. Already 2 people have backtested it and it was profitable. But even with this information, I know that I will go through the strategy, I will love it at first, I will test, then ultimately I wont stick with it and then leave it and then go back to point 1.
I like the fact it is mostly a system based strategy and lately I have tested a lot of strategies that are 50% system based and 50% discretionary. The only thing I have learned so far is that I would probably be more comfortable trading a system based strategy rather than a full discretionary one.
This is a big issue for me always and I dont know how to overcome it. It was fine in the beginning because I was a new trader and to go through strategies is just part of trading in the beginning. But now it's been almost 2 years and I have to admit now that I have a real problem that needs to be addressed. Otherwise at this rate, I will still be doing this in 5-10 years.
It seems like most people find a strategy and stick with it, but then struggle with risk management. But I'm stuck at the strategy part and I cant progress.
How do I overcome this? What steps can I take so this doesn't happen? Do I need a mentor at this point?
Any help is welcome!
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